Our history

We combine tradition with future in a sense that we aim to convey brand values through ideas and design rooted in the Arabic culture.

Whilst we understand local heritage, our communication tools are those of the future. We provide contemporary communication solutions always with the end business objective in mind.


What we do



Modernizer knows exactly how to stand out from the competition and evoke positive connotations. Our design department is experienced in creating a consistent visual identity people can easily identify with and implement it on different platforms such as stationery, websites, interior and exterior design.



In this day and age, your business needs to have a presence on social media. With the help of our Media department, you can get high quality videos and photographs to be used to help promote your business. Our professional photographs, directors and animators are more than qualified to satisfy all of your media production needs.



One of the essential components of portraying an image of a successful business is the quality of your printed materials. We are experienced in all aspects of printing for your business such as offset, digital, signage, indoor and outdoor. We also offer our services when it comes to building 3D objects.



The Modernizer store is your one stop shop for all your promotional and premium corporate gifts needs. Our selection of items are different from anything else you will find out in the market. This is merely because most of our items are designed, created and produced by our Modernizer team. Are you excited yet?



What can we help you with?

Visual brand identity & design

Visual identity comprises the graphic components that identify and represent a brand.

Corporate identity
Packaging design
Outlet interior design
Product photography

Verbal brand identity

Words convey actual brand messages and set a tone that resonates with people.

Setting the brand tonality
Slogans and taglines
Story telling

Digital branding

Positioning on the Internet and the social networks means opening a window onto the world. Making sure what you have to offer stands out.

Website design
Social media
Motion graphic


Brand propositions and personalities come to life through relevant, single-minded ideas communicated in an engaging way.

Creative development
Media strategies
PR publications
TV and print productions (incl. motion graphics)
Specialized copywriting (incl. legal copies)

Editorial design

Point of sales materials and internal publications are substantial tools to reinforce brand personalities.

Annual reports

Strategic planning

There are more to brands than visual and verbal badges. They are perceived and distinguished by their promises and personalities conveyed by brand communications. Defining a brand promise, message or proposition takes a thorough understanding of all aspects of the category - from underlying consumer insights to relevant competitive advantages.

Competitive analysis
Insight research
Brand strategy
Brand architecture



Talented people working together do not necessarily make a successful team - it takes a shared vision to score.
We are all driven by the joint ambition of creating brands
that connect emotionally and consequently, build long-term loyalties.

We are specialists from all around the world with diverse expertise in the communications industry and a strong push to make things happen.

Mohammed Al-Sadi
Mohammed Al-Sadi Executive Director
Janos Debreceni
Janos Debreceni Brand Strategist
Abdullah Raslan
Abdullah Raslan Senior Graphic Designer
Abdul Salam
Abdul Salam Web Developer / UX Designer
Dawood Al-Almoudi Architecture Designer
Mohammed Al-Sadi Executive Director

Professional :
Mohammed is our CEO/Business development director. For the practical part, he is responsible for bringing consumer insight to and driving strategic direction for heavyweight branding projects. Prior to setting up Modernizer, he spent long years as executive marketing director of equitable retailing companies in the region. Mohammed received his bachelor's degree in International Business Management.

Personal/Fun :
A devoted athlete frequent to gyms, he loves cycling around the city and dive with sharks "tuna size". He can't function without espresso. If there is no one around to bother, he goes out time and again to meet new people. He is a life loving person.

Janos Debreceni Brand Strategist

Professional :
Janos graduated from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in 1995. Janos spent a short time in the world of TV quiz shows to finally end up in advertising. He started as a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi in 1998, and soon had the chance to go to New York, to work chiefly on Pizza Hut and P&G brands. In 2003 he was appointed Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest and gradually turned to account planning to become 'the creative behind the creatives'.

Personal/Fun :
Janos is a major fan of Gary Larson. On clear nights he scans the sky with his 13 cm Newton reflector. He also takes pleasure in polishing his old Mercedes in the garage moaning about a complete renovation.

Abdullah Raslan Senior Graphic Designer

Professional :
Abdullah graduated from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR, with a degree in digital media and design with an emphasis in mass communications and graphic design. Past experience includes advertising campaigns, branding, photography, journalism and video production. Abdullah's work has been recognized for his work as a graphic designer from several orginizations such as the American Advertising Agency.

Personal/Fun :
When he is not at work, his home contemplating a way to take over the world one design idea at a time. He is also slowly learning how to play the guitar and enjoys killing zombies on the side.

Abdul Salam Web Developer / UX Designer

Professional :
Abdul Salam earned his Master's degree in Computer Applications from a renowned Indian university. He spent more than 12 years with US and UK based multinational companies as a Lead software professional. During these years he made coding his passion but rarely had the chance to bring such diverse and stunning designs to life as he now does with Modernizer. As a web programmer, UI/UX Designer and technical factotum, He makes ideas happen in the most literal sense.

Personal/Fun :
An avid musician to compose and play soft melodies, he combines his other two devotions of cooking and travelling by pursuing his ambition to taste all recipes in the world once in his lifetime.

Dawood Al-Almoudi Architecture Designer

Professional :
Dawood has five years experience in technical architecture drawing. His experiences include working on projects in India and Saudi Arabia. Dawood's past experiences in technical drawning include, but not limited to, technical drawings for hotels, villas, compounds and building halls.

Personal/Fun :
Dawood is happily married with two children. He enjoys horse back riding and watching the Saudi football league, go ALNASER!



Modernizer is proud to have worked with a diverse group of clients. It's a badge that we wear with pride and honour. Our expertise goes beyond one specific sector. Wherever there is a need for design, Modernizer is there.

Automotive & transportation

Western Auto

Consumer & household products


Financial services

Al Ansari Trading
Gulf One Bank
House of Advanced Quality
Emerald Luxury Beach Villas
Life Park


Al Eid Bakery
Blu Energy Drink
Burger Fuel
Coffee Library
Delma Water
Jazeera Water
Laq Laq
Majles Cafe
Mood Mart
Queens of India

Industrial & manufacturing

Abdulhadi Al Qahtani Pipe Coating
Al Tuwairqi
Qanbar Ready Mix
Zamil Steel


Gulf Union Insurance
Izar Insurance
Motamadoon Insurance Agency
Saudi Brokers

Holding companies

Ansari Holding
Faisal Abdullah Fouad
Abdulhadi Al Qahtani
Al Abdulkareem

Nonprofits & institutions


Oil, energy & gas industries


Professional services

Al Rasheed & Musained Law Firm

Real estate

Ahmed Sadaqah Kaaki
AlAnsari Real Estate
United Invesment


International Home Mattresses

Sports & entertainment

Beeb Beeb Driving School

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact +966 1 3830 0267
E-mail: hello@modernizer.me
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